How to Resell Web Hosting

A lot has changed in the web hosting landscape. From smarter hosting platforms like Cloud and VPS Hosting to creating a new business idea for site owners with reseller web hosting, this technology space has evolved leaps and bounds. The business of hosting is not just limited to better or smarter operating platforms anymore. Site owners nowadays are also looking at maximizing their investment in hosting and creating a business out of it. Reselling web hosting involves purchasing large scale hosting plans from a major hosting provider and selling them/leasing them out to further customers who want to host their websites at a cheaper cost.

Reseller Hosting allows site owners and web developers to host multiple sites on a server. They are allocated necessary disk space, bandwidth, and other server assets, and can access a common control panel. The hosting provider typically takes care of all daily operational tasks and offers you tech support when needed.

This is perfect for those individuals or smaller enterprises who manage the websites of multiple clients. It is cost-effective and makes for an efficient way to manage and maintain websites.

If you are a web developer, a webmaster, or even a site owner, and want to start your own reseller business, here are a few points to know.

Cost of Reselling

As a reseller host, you are not just a site owner/admin anymore but a seller of hosting plans. As such, you need to offer the best services to your clients. To make the best out of your investment, avoid opting for cheap plans, or it could turn into a more cost-consuming affair in the long run.

Hosting features

Reselling is like any other business. So you need to plan well and strategize how to maximize your business. Set a target audience and identify where and how you will source them. Accordingly, you have to purchase your hosting plan. For example, if you want to sell to e-commerce or media clients, then you need a plan that gives you unlimited potential to scale up storage and bandwidth. Similarly, if you are going to serve legal or finance clients, then you should focus on security, and so on.

Tech Support

You should remember that you might be a seller of hosting services, but you are not a tech company, and you have limited resources or expertise to handle any exigency. Hence, you need to find a hosting provider who can make it seamless by offering expert tech support, round the clock.

Control Panel Access

As a reseller, you would need to manage your clients’ websites, for which you need unrestricted access to the cPanel on your hosting server. This is usually offered by your hosting provider. You need to ensure that your host will allow the same so you can smoothly operate your reseller account and those of your clients.

Summing up…

When you are a hosting reseller, you should treat yourself like an entrepreneur and your hosting provider like a partner/supplier/vendor. How well they understand your needs and how much you can get out of this partnership will define how successful you will be in your business. It is important to find the right reseller host so you can get the right support, services, and the best resources for your clients.



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