5 Best Android Apps For Entrepreneurs

1. DropBox As a budding entrepreneur, you are probably jetting around the world, meeting potential investors or partners, presenting your ideas, business model, etc., right? If so, then you need to get yourself a dropbox. This server in the cloud lets you safely store and access all of your important documents in the cloud, meaning […]


Three Amazing Life-Changing Modern Gadgets

The incredible momentum, with which technology has evolved, has somehow made most of us blind to the huge changes that have happened in the past years. In 2013 we have learned to embrace technology, but we sometimes forget how things were like 20 years ago. Sure, the internet has given birth to many opportunities which […]


4 Photo Editing Tips for Beginners to Add Life to Dull Images

Image editing and processing have been crucial in the photography field for a very long period, but the advanced stuff was limited only to professionals during the past. Since the introduction of high-end cameras, people have tried a lot to enhance their images, by cropping, toning, and tinting photos, making them look really great. Initially, […]