What Are Your Main Options When It Comes To Website Hosting?

If you are a prominent person or own a business, you know that a website places an important role in creating a strong online presence. Since in basic terms a website is a collection of files, they require places to be stored and that is where web-hosting services such as come in. While each website needs hosting by a web server, there are different ways website owners can host their sites. Numerous factors including the size and complexity of your site, and the technical expertise or resources available to you will determine the kind of webhosting you will need. Here are your main options:


Dedicated web hosting

In this kind of web hosting, you have an entire web server dedicated solely to hosting your site. You may opt to buy your own server or pay for dedicated server hosting from someone with a server. If you own your own serve and storing it in someone’s facility, this is called co-location hosting. Since the server is entirely dedicated to your site, you have complete control over its administration and use. This also enables you to manage every aspect of your website. If you are planning to create a huge website for a business organization with financial and technical resources, then this type of hosting is suitable for you.

Shared web hosting

This is otherwise known as virtual website hosting. In basic terms, this involves hosting multiple website on one web server. In this kind of web hosting, a hosting service offers the user storage and makes the files of the website accessible to other people through the internet. The host service is also responsible for maintaining the server and providing technical support to the clients. This kind of web hosting is suitable for those with small websites, those with little technical knowledge of servers, or do not have their own technical staff. The biggest benefit of shared web hosting is that the efficient use of resources among many users means that the cost of hosting is very low compared to other types of hosting.

Virtual private server web hosting

This kind of web hosting is a breed of both shared and dedicated web hosting. This involves sharing a dedicated server with other users to host your site. The clients share the resources of that dedicated server, but the web host divides each the server space to each user according to the percentage he requires. Each percentage of the user is exclusively dedicated to the website of that user. The main advantage of this type of hosting is that it affords the user many of the advantages of a dedicated server without the large-scale investment that comes with that type of hosting.



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