Point A to Point B – 5 Ways to Use Technology When You Travel

People are constantly on the move these days, whether it be in a car, airplane, train—traveling is more accessible than ever. Likewise, people are constantly using technology, for just about every task that they perform throughout the day. That’s why technology that makes travel easier is rising in popularity, helping us get the most out of our trips, be they for business or pleasure. There are countless websites, apps, and devices that will make our travel safer, and go more smoothly. Here are a few ways to use technology to make things better for you.

Of the countless travel websites, Kayak is probably the most comprehensive search engine for people planning a trip. It covers hotels, airfare, cruises, and quite a few other things. Best of all, though, is that it searches the prices on other travel sites, making finding a deal a whole lot easier. Doing proper research and comparing prices is one way to make sure you get the best deal. With these types of travel search engines, this type of research doesn’t have to be a laborious task, it is the easiest way to save money on travel.

GPS Apps or Devices

This is a fairly old technology, now, but it gets more accessible and easier to use all the time. Taking advantage of the GPS satellite system, you can very simply navigate from almost anywhere to your destination just by using your phone. This is especially great in a new city when you need to find your way around. Auto experts at Dodge dealerships in Utah have found that more accidents happen when drivers are unfamiliar with where they are going, and thus looking down at map. More cars are being built with GPS systems as well, and these Utah Dodge dealers suggest that their customers install a cell phone mount for their dashboard, so they can use the maps on their smartphone and keep their eyes on the road if they don’t have a built in GPS.

Portable Battery Solutions

All of your technology becomes useless without power, and there are rarely options for using separate batteries in most devices these days. This isn’t a problem, because there are alternate methods. For example, several companies have developed miniature solar panels that can be plugged into USB or Apple proprietary charging ports. A number of them can also be connected to batteries that will store excess energy until your phone or mp3 player needs it. Investing in some of these devices will really help you while you’re traveling—a lack of batteries should never be a problem.

Remote Check In

If you haven’t used this type of service yet, it is an absolute time-saver. For many airlines and trains these days, you can actually check in up to 24 hours in advance from an app on your phone. This ensures that you get the seat that you want and can cut down on time spent in line at the airport or train station. The great part about this check in is that you are rarely near a computer when it is time for you to check in for your flight, or print your boarding passes, etc. Instead of having to rush to get to a computer, you can check in from any location, letting you get set up as early as you can.

Bag Protectors

There are unscrupulous people out there who will take anything they want, including your bags. That’s why having a bag protector, which uses a motion detector and emits a high pitched noise if a bag is moved while armed, are great ways to keep people from walking off with your property. Especially if you are traveling overseas, local people can tell that you are a tourist and they will take advantage of that. These protectors may seem extreme, however if you have bags that contain expensive items, it may be the only way to keep them safe since you won’t always be carrying your bag or have your eyes on it at all times.

There are many other ways to make your travel more convenient, but these are at least a few basics that can help you get the most out of your trip. If you are already an experienced traveler, you can always look into the hundreds of apps available for your smartphone that can help make your travel safer, easier, and more enjoyable.




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