Find out the best PPC (pay per click) tips for small online businesses

PPC (pay per click) advertising is currently the largest form of internet advertising. This is surprising to many considering the amount of new online marketing methods that have emerged over the past few years. Nevertheless, it is a testament to the successfulness of PPC. The way this method works is pretty self explanatory. You pay […]


Secure Your Microsoft SQL Server: Security Best Practices

A Microsoft SQL server is a central repository of sensitive data and information for organizations and enterprise level companies, thus it is important to ensure that the only authorized users will gain access to the sensitive data stored in the server. Security is a must. We know that there are thousands of hackers that operate […]


Essential tips for designing an E-commerce website

When you log in to the internet and look up the search engines for a solution, there are just three possible outcomes, if not more. You either click the link or close the window within a matter of seconds. You might find the page that you found online useful only to be disappointed that you […]

Web Design

An Insight into Mobile Apps and Its Types

Software applications aimed at running on mobile devices, Smart phones and tablet computers are referred to as mobile apps. Mobile apps have gained tremendous popularity in a short time span, as more and more people use tablets, Smart phones and mobiles nowadays. These apps are designed to execute specific programs like GPS, banking, games, music, […]


Baseline for Effective SEO

A successful business requires a plan, a strategy, customers and more and more exposure to earn profit. But what about virtual presence? In today’s competitive market, ignoring online recognition would be a big mistake. So, if you want to play big, corporate website is a must factor. However, creation of website is just a beginning, […]


Forget a Raise: I Want Access to My Facebook!

My, how times have changed. It used to be that people looking for a job were naturally concerned about how much they would be paid, but also what the opportunities were for long-term employment. It was just a generation ago that many people entering the workforce fully expected to complete their entire career within the […]


E-mails Overpower Social Networking Sites for Online Retailers

  As per the latest on going trends in the business world, no business is taken seriously if its online network does not extend to the Facebook, Twitter or other social media networking web sites. Time and again, an unending stream of a variety of distinctive advices from different marketing as well as business consultants […]


The Technological Takeover – It’s a Generational Thing

I’m a mother of a 15-year-old grunting, smelly boy who spends a good proportion of his time in his bedroom surrounded by game consoles, tablets, and laptops. Now, in this day and age, this is not an unusual thing. I’m constantly being informed of what his friends have acquired, which games that they are allowed […]


5 Effective Ways To Upgrade Your Music Listening Experience

If you love music, you probably have a huge collection of music albums and singles in your library. Nevertheless, your listening experience may not be so great because of various reasons including bad players, poorly encoded files, crappy headphones and messy libraries. gives you the opportunity to download great music to your computer so […]


5 Best Android Apps For Entrepreneurs

1. DropBox As a budding entrepreneur, you are probably jetting around the world, meeting potential investors or partners, presenting your ideas, business model, etc., right? If so, then you need to get yourself a dropbox. This server in the cloud lets you safely store and access all of your important documents in the cloud, meaning […]