How to Get Started With Facebook Advertising

Inbound marketing has become increasingly popular for many reasons, some of which include adding value to a community, lowering campaign costs and not having harassed people who want nothing to do with your brand. Among the many inbound marketing strategies available at the moment, social media marketing is without a doubt one of the most powerful and efficient ones. Sadly, most companies are still intimidated by the thought of having to create an online presence. Although the process may seem a bit difficult, it is not something that you should be afraid of. Nevertheless, if you truly feel that you are not up for the challenge, you can always request the services of a social media marketing agency such as


Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus have become essential marketing tools for every business. It is with the help of these social media platforms that different companies are able to brand themselves, and create their unique voice. The best thing about Facebook advertising is that you can speak with your voice, only your voice becomes amplified, you represent a better you, online. It is all about showing your true self to your loyal customers, giving them the chance to understand you and providing them with entertaining or inspiring information.

How to Advertise on Facebook

Facebook has made it extremely simple for people to start their very own advertising pages. This incredible social platform will give you a step-by-step guide that will help you get your feet wet and understand the advertising landscape. You needn’t be alarmed by the overwhelming amount of advertising programs provided, because they are explained in detail, and easy to set up.

One thing you should keep in mind that growing and caring for a social made advertising page, like the ones you can create on Facebook implies a lot of hard-work. There is no way for you to attract likes, readers, shares or whatever it is that you want, as long as you are not willing to invest your time. Furthermore, successful social media advertising strategies require a certain amount of knowledge on the subject. You can’t just share your lingerie related topics with nuns. It is essential to find a target audience which is more likely to respond positively to your actions.

Nevertheless, if you still feel that you need someone to hold your hand, you can request the support of a Facebook representative. For only $50 a day, for 30 days (and believe me this isn’t much for a full-fledged social media campaign), you will benefit from the “Start to Success Program”. This program will help you understand how to target ads, reach goals, and drive traffic. You will also receive the aid of a Facebook Account Manager, also known as a Client Partner, to overpass all the problems.

Another strategy would be to set a certain daily amount of cash dedicated to your campaign. This will enable you to promote “sponsored posts”  which are targeted to different categories of users that are relevant to your niche.

All in all, there are many possible strategies that you can consider, and in the end it all comes down to personal preference. Ask yourself what it is that you are trying to achieve, and how exactly you wish to achieve it. Start small, but always think big.



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