Find out the best PPC (pay per click) tips for small online businesses

PPC (pay per click) advertising is currently the largest form of internet advertising. This is surprising to many considering the amount of new online marketing methods that have emerged over the past few years. Nevertheless, it is a testament to the successfulness of PPC.

The way this method works is pretty self explanatory. You pay for what you get as you pay the publisher every time your advertisement is clicked. The most obvious example of this is when you search a word or phrase on a search engine. At the top you will see a cluster of two or three websites that appear first and are segregated from the upcoming top ten results. The reason for this is because the company in question will pay Google or Bing or any other search engine for this privilege.

PPC is a great tool for small businesses in particularly because it helps you to get known. Using the internet to your advantage is all about having as much exposure as possible. In order to ensure this is the case you need to know how to have a successful PPC campaign. Read on to discover some top tips…

Set a Budget

First thing is first; you need to set a budget. If you are a small business then it is unlikely that you have unlimited funds at your disposal. The last thing you want to do is cripple your company by using an advertising strategy that is far out of your depth.

Strategise Keywords

You need to give a great deal of care and consideration to the keywords you choose. This will determine the success (or failure) of your PPC campaign. Using the earlier examples regarding search engines; you will only appear in that elusive selection of two or three at the top of the page when the viewer in question has searched the key phrase you have selected. There are lots of different tools that can help you determine the best keywords, Google Adwords is a popular choice. You want to opt for a keyword that is searched frequently yet does not have a high level of competition.


There is no point in using global keywords and generalised terms if you only ship to certain areas or provide your service in a limited location. If this is the case then you need to target potential customers based on geography. You will limit your competition and gain traffic that is more relevant too.

Quality Ad Copy

It is not enough to merely post ad copy on the internet that is filled to the brim with keywords. This is not effective anymore, especially since Google has turned strict on websites producing low quality and duplicate copy. Your ad copy needs to generate attention, it needs to be interesting and have a purpose, it needs to generate a response from the consumer, and it needs to have an effective call to action too.

Monitor Your Campaign

And finally, a major mistake a lot of small businesses make when beginning their PPC campaign (or any other marketing campaign) is the fact that they do not monitor their progress. How are you supposed to get better and reap higher gains if you have no idea regarding how you are doing at present?

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