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Do You Need a New Web Page? 4 Ways to Tell

Many individuals and even businesses think that once they’ve put up a Web page, that’s it: they can cross that item off their list and not have to revisit it for a long time. If this sounds like you, your Web site may already be in trouble — not drawing enough traffic, not interesting people enough to stick around, or not encouraging new people to find you and what you have to offer. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to make sure your Web presence stays off the ‘endangered’ list; there are a few key factors you’ll want to be aware of, and if those things need changing, remedy them.

Visitor Drop-Off

If your site’s not getting enough traffic, what does that reflect?  If you used to have more visitors per week or month than you have now, this can be a sign of several things — but the most common cause of that kind of drop-off is that you haven’t updated your content frequently enough. You don’t have to do huge amounts of updating; just try to make sure your content has something new to offer visitors frequently enough that visitors who come often will find items that are up-to-date and fresh.

Glitches and Gremlins

Do links on your page work the way they should? Just because you’ve launched successfully once doesn’t mean that for years afterward, those links are still going to work. The sites to which you’ve linked may change their URLs; if you don’t check them periodically, you risk frustrating your visitors with links that don’t get them where they want to go. Keep the ‘gremlins’ away by checking all your links frequently and repair any that have problems promptly.

Can We Get There from…Wherever?

Web sites that were ‘born’ before a certain date aren’t necessarily compatible with newer ways people get around the ‘Net today. Is your page compatible with smartphone technologies? Can people get to you through their tablet, their BlackBerry, or their car WiFi? Have your friends run tests on whether their technology can ‘talk to’ yours. If any of them can’t reach you, you’ll need to fix it. You don’t want limited access to your site; people who can’t see your site will just go on to your competitor’s.

Creative Den web design Bristol can help people reach your Web page from anywhere.

Just Plain Old

Imagine you’re on holiday, all set to stay at a hotel that has a great reputation and a great name — but when you step in the front door, you wonder where that reputation came from. The check-in desk has worn spots on it or a chipped finish; chairs and furnishings in the lobby look dusty; carpet is frayed at the edges or mouldings are scuffed and worn. You might have second thoughts about even staying one night there — it just doesn’t look like someone’s keeping up the place.

The same applies to your Web page. No, Web pages don’t literally get dusty. But if the copyright date on your page footer is more than a year old, it might feel as ‘dusty’ as that dilapidated hotel. Quick — is yours recent? Or, as is often the case, is yours two, three, or even four or more years past? To remedy this, of you can get help through Creative Den web designers Bristol, among other services. Consult pros to update your site and send your customers a message: that you’re on your toes — and will give them top-notch products and services as a result.

Keep ‘em Happy

Your Web page is the first contact you have with potential clients and customers. It’s your ‘best foot forward’ — so make sure it’s the best it can be. You’ll be glad you did.



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