7 Video Marketing Tips to Jumpstart Your Campaign

Did you know that 85% of businesses use some kind of video as a part of their overall marketing strategies? The reason businesses engage in this type of marketing is simple. Because it works. Are you interested in launching a video marketing campaign but aren’t sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place. […]


Find out the best PPC (pay per click) tips for small online businesses

PPC (pay per click) advertising is currently the largest form of internet advertising. This is surprising to many considering the amount of new online marketing methods that have emerged over the past few years. Nevertheless, it is a testament to the successfulness of PPC. The way this method works is pretty self explanatory. You pay […]


E-mails Overpower Social Networking Sites for Online Retailers

  As per the latest on going trends in the business world, no business is taken seriously if its online network does not extend to the Facebook, Twitter or other social media networking web sites. Time and again, an unending stream of a variety of distinctive advices from different marketing as well as business consultants […]


How to Get Started With Facebook Advertising

Inbound marketing has become increasingly popular for many reasons, some of which include adding value to a community, lowering campaign costs and not having harassed people who want nothing to do with your brand. Among the many inbound marketing strategies available at the moment, social media marketing is without a doubt one of the most […]