Baseline for Effective SEO

A successful business requires a plan, a strategy, customers and more and more exposure to earn profit. But what about virtual presence? In today’s competitive market, ignoring online recognition would be a big mistake. So, if you want to play big, corporate website is a must factor. However, creation of website is just a beginning, there are still many things left undone. You may have a website, but you also need to maintain it for enhancing the visibility of your site. This calls for search engine optimization tactics, and with Penguin and Panda updates, following a strong strategy is significant.

Content, links and social media have always been three of the most important foundation stone of SEO. But the loose strings have been tied very strong after the Panda updates. Here is a sneak peek that you need to remember to make your website visible.

Lets begin with the on-site content. Optimising the website should be your first aim and for that you need to know the right set of keywords and its applicability as per the web page. You can use Google Keyword Tool for this purpose. Avoid keyword stuffing tendency while writing the content. If you have created a blog page in the website, keep it updated with fresh content. It helps in getting a better rank in the search engines. Whatever content you write should be fresh, avoid spinning as that will be a spammy affair.

SEO without links is next to impossible. The greater is its number, the more authority and trust the page builds that results to a better rank and of course, a source for growing traffic. Previously, simple tactics were followed to get your site listed to some directories but the Panda update has changed everything. It has become necessary to build quality links from relevant directories. Building organic links through guest posts and pitching an appropriate blogs, submitting press releases are some of the other ways of setting up links. You can even convert content into a video format and submit in You Tube, slide share. These can leverage your business website.

Social media is another pillar of SEO. It has given online marketing a new dimension by engaging more readers through the sharing option. It has been found that the social media has proved to bring remarkable changes in the SERP. The opportunity to interact with people and exchanging views, sharing information add more visibility to your website. You need to use every social platform to reach out to the target customers.

Managing these three pillars can give your website a strong foundation, promising traffic along with a good rank. Google will keep on changing its algorithm from time to time. If you fail to create authority and brand value, it would be difficult to stand ahead of the competitors. If you want to be a part of this game, join a SEO course in Kolkata to know about the effective strategies. Undoubtedly, optimising in the search engine has become quite a challenging task but if you know the game plan, success is all yours.

Katherine Morgan is a retired web designer. Presently she is the faculty of an institute that offers effective SEO training courses. In her free time, she loves to write articles on the various aspects of search engine optimization.



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