An Insight into Mobile Apps and Its Types

Software applications aimed at running on mobile devices, Smart phones and tablet computers are referred to as mobile apps. Mobile apps have gained tremendous popularity in a short time span, as more and more people use tablets, Smart phones and mobiles nowadays.

These apps are designed to execute specific programs like GPS, banking, games, music, email, calendar, etc. You can reinstall these mobile apps at the time of manufacture. You can also download them from distributions of application software such as Blackberry App World, App Store, Google Play etc. Mobile apps were originally introduced to retrieve information and perform specific tasks. But with time, they have expanded a great deal.

Mobile apps are mainly of three types- native mobile apps, hybrid mobile apps and web mobile apps. Usually, when people hear about mobile apps, they take it to be native mobile apps. But, native mobile apps are quite different from hybrid and web mobile apps.

Native Mobile Apps:

Native mobile apps execute on the operating system of the mobile. You can preinstall them at the manufacture time or can also download them from a store of apps. These apps use only a single type of operating system; hence they need their own platform for development. For example, iPhone gets access to only Apple App Store, Blackberry gets access to only Blackberry App World and Android can access only Google Play. You can store some of the mobile apps in the internal memory of the mobile. Such apps need access to various types of phone features such as GPS, camera, calendar and contacts.

Hybrid Mobile Apps:

Hybrid mobile apps utilize the native and web technologies such as CSS, JavaScript and HTML5. You cannot preinstall such apps and you need internet connection to make these apps run on your mobile device. Some of the famous and popular hybrid mobile apps are banking sites, Twitter, Facebook and Skype. These apps run on the device locally, but also support offline.

Web Mobile Apps:

These are internet enabled apps. You do not need to download and install these apps. Internet connection is a must for running or displaying such apps. You can access web mobile apps only through mobile devices that are web capable.

Mobile apps significantly help a number of businesses to grow their market. The businesses can ideally use mobile apps for targeting potential customers, promotion of business and offering good deals. Mobile apps provide the customers to take the advantage of their features, and conveniently access the services provided by various businesses. They play significant role in brand awareness.

Mobile apps are useful not only to the businesses, but also to the common consumers. Users can conveniently communicate with their family and friends at anytime, and from anywhere. These apps also allows you to access a large quantity of information  like maps, social networking, emails, games, movies, news, banking and ticket booking. You can also get some free ringtones along with these apps.


Thus, using mobile apps provides you ease and convenience of work. You can carry out all your tasks using these mobile apps, from anywhere and at anytime.

Description: Mobile apps are increasingly being used by people. There are three types of mobile apps, each with its individual requirements and benefits.



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