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LINQ to Datasets

Modified: 2013/10/28 13:38 by ahmed - Categorized as: LINQ to DataSets

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LINQ to DataSet allows developers to write “queries” over existing DataSet sources within applications. DataSet’s were the main tool prior to LINQ that allowed developers to take an offline copy of a relational data source, work with that copy then write the results back to the database. LINQ to DataSet allows us to make use of the new superior LINQ querying features in legacy applications without having to rewrite the whole data access layer.

LINQ to DataSet supports typed and un-typed datasets.

Features at a glance:

  • Query language over typed and un-typed DataSets
  • Use LINQ in current applications without re-writing using LINQ to SQL
  • Bi-directional: LINQ Sequence -> DataTable -> LINQ Sequence support



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