5 Tips to Help You Make Your Birthday Cards Stand Out

In the United States alone, Americans send out over 6.5 billion greeting cards each year, with birthday cards being the most popular card-sending occasion.

Whether you’re DIY-savvy and make your own birthday cards or prefer to buy them at the store, there’s always a way to make the card stand out and be unique.

Here are 5 simple yet unique ideas for making birthday cards special and personalized to make the recipient’s special day even more wonderful.

1. Write a Short and Sweet Personal Message

The best way to make personalized cards is to write a short and sweet message to the recipient. This can be a poem, a short story, haiku poetry, and even a drawing.

A simple message that tells the recipient how much you care for them is a lovely way to make them feel special and make their day even happier.

2. Choose a Unique Design

To make your personalized birthday cards stand out even more, aim for a unique design that’ll make the recipient feel appreciated. You can find unique card designs at the store, get supplies to make them yourself, or buy handmade cards from small business owners.

Unique designs include pop-up cards that open up in 3D forms and objects, musical cards, secret envelopes and pockets, quilling designs, dried flowers, and pom-poms.

3. Include a Small Gift With the Card

If you want to make truly special birthday cards, include a small gift with the card. This can be a small chocolate or candy bar, a piece of jewelry, action figures, gift cards, a keychain, or a handmade gift from you.

This is especially useful if you can’t afford to buy a bigger gift or want to send the card first. The recipient will still feel appreciated and loved on their special day.

4. Personalize Pre-Made Templates

If you’re not good with DIY or prefer a digital birthday card, you can always use pre-made templates you can find online. You can even use Valentine’s, Mother’s, and Father’s Day card templates and adapt them for a birthday.

All you need to do is change the wording, add a personalized message, and send the card via email. The best part is – you can re-use the same template for all kinds of special occasions and only tweak minor details.

5. Make the Card Yourself

The most unique way to make your loved one’s birthday special is by making DIY birthday cards. You can use materials you have at home or borrow some from your little ones’ school supplies.

You can use anything and everything from wrapping paper, glitter, scrapbooking paper, flowers, ribbons, colorful markers, stamps, and tree branches.

Make Your Birthday Cards Stand Out With These Useful Tips

Whether you’re making your own birthday cards or buying one from the store, adding a personal touch will show the recipient how much you care. You can write a short poem or a story or include some photos you have together that’ll make their birthday special.

Want more inspiration? Explore some of the other ideas we’ve covered on our website and come back for more helpful tips and tricks.



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