Pros and Cons of Cross-Platform App Development

Are you planning to make your own mobile application? Considering various means to choose the most optimal for your case? Let us share what we know about cross-platform instruments – who knows, maybe it’s exactly what you need. To start we shall say few words on the cross-platform app building itself. The fundamental motive for […]


How to Resell Web Hosting

A lot has changed in the web hosting landscape. From smarter hosting platforms like Cloud and VPS Hosting to creating a new business idea for site owners with reseller web hosting, this technology space has evolved leaps and bounds. The business of hosting is not just limited to better or smarter operating platforms anymore. Site […]



Recently, I used to be reading SEO Moz’s guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that is extremely helpful for any business desperate to position their website in search engines. Thus I needed to share a number of the following pointers here with you as a result of only a few firms within the sector understand […]


Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency – What Are The Pre-Requisites?

Digital marketing refers to a kind of online marketing that incorporate, support and assist the offline marketing of a business to promote its brand. A digital marketing agency helps in improving the overall success of a business. So it is very essential that you do your homework before you plan to work with an agency. […]


The Challenges Social Intranet Face

There are questions surrounding social intranet. Is it really taking off on the social business and digital workplace? Is the collaboration between employees and personnel within the organization happening on a daily basis regardless or where they may? Are they using their mobile devices while on the move and working with responsibility and efficiently across […]


Image Marketing, The Basic Rules of Search Engine Optimization

SEO unfortunately often requires a back seat to a company offline marketing attempts. Print, radio and TV advertising are often the market leaders when companies decide where to spend their marketing budgets for the upcoming financial year. Year after year providers seem more comfy with the familiar processes and terms of the traditional marketing shops. […]


Find out the best PPC (pay per click) tips for small online businesses

PPC (pay per click) advertising is currently the largest form of internet advertising. This is surprising to many considering the amount of new online marketing methods that have emerged over the past few years. Nevertheless, it is a testament to the successfulness of PPC. The way this method works is pretty self explanatory. You pay […]


Secure Your Microsoft SQL Server: Security Best Practices

A Microsoft SQL server is a central repository of sensitive data and information for organizations and enterprise level companies, thus it is important to ensure that the only authorized users will gain access to the sensitive data stored in the server. Security is a must. We know that there are thousands of hackers that operate […]


Essential tips for designing an E-commerce website

When you log in to the internet and look up the search engines for a solution, there are just three possible outcomes, if not more. You either click the link or close the window within a matter of seconds. You might find the page that you found online useful only to be disappointed that you […]

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